Thursday, January 29, 2009

Humor vs. Morbidity

As I shambled into the kitchen this morning i decided to leave the light off, the better to see the morning rain in the neighboring garden downstairs. next was decided on jam and toast, unusual breakfast fare for me, and my fingers wrapped around the tiny jar of blueberry jam on the refrigerator door shelf.

Having scraped the last of the jam from the jar over the buttered toast, and also having prepared some coffee as accompaniment, I tore into the toast and, after a moment of confusion, realized i had mistakenly spread thai chili paste on the bread instead of blueberry jam.

this next is the part i submit as a tiny victory: on any other day i might easily have succumbed to a fatalistic interpretation of the mishap as a gloomy portent of the day to come, but somehow, under the influences of soft light and gentle rain, the incongruity of my expectations and the reality was so absurd i could not but smile. so, on this day at least, it was Sedaris 1: Poe 0.

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