Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Declaration of Existence

After much resistance the signing of the Articles has been made official! Together we are tiny. Our second line is 1.5. New Orleans needs smaller floats. The sturdy table pictured here with all hands on deck is the vessel that incorporated the diminuative mirthmakers. King Tut would definitely be proud! Is there anyone that objects?
Enter now! Or be besotted and potted in a thimble-size Devo hat.


Piso Mojado said...

i am mightily saddened that i wont be in town to see the miniatures parade.

the images on this blog are fucking genius. i am a big fan of gary panter, robot chicken and of course pee wee's playhouse. 'tit rex blows them out of the water.

NatalieMcD said...

This is brilliant!