Tuesday, February 3, 2009

tiny throws = tiny cups

even GODZILLA* loves 'titREX.
*GODZILLA not actual size.

i have to say, my favorite throws are the cups. you can never have too many cups, they are forever practical and always useful. so if 'titTEX = tiny... tiny cups it is. i've made up a template with graphics, so we can make a few thimble sized cup throws. if you decide to make some yourself, be sure to cut out extra tabs [beyond the color graphics] as shown in the example below. i'll be posted a full set of how-to pictorial instructions tomorrow, for those up to the challenge.

i will also be sending out a couple template word docs [similar to the image at your left] via email. i thought some of you might be interested in making a few 'titREX tiny throw cups for yourself. sorry about the instructional delay, though. i spent to much time with the godzilla photoshoot [not giving myself enough time to take tutorial pics]. i guess we all know where my priorities lie, with the monsters... always.


Jeremy Yuslum said...

the tiny cups are cool...can they hold liquid? if so i think thy should be put to use at the front...

william said...

these cups are DIVINE!
tit' REX is the shibizzle!!!