Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"The Dead Ain't Gone" Float

I filled my float with the Gede, a family of spirits in the vodou tradition, who come from the New World (Haiti in particular) and are popular in New Orleans. The more famous members of the family include Manman Brigitte and Les Barons, and Baron Cimitiere.

The Gede guard the cemeteries and help people pass between the world of the living and the dead, that's why they are dressed in the funereal colors. The Barons wear a signature top hat and glasses with one lens missing.

The Gede are also the life of the party, they love women and children, and are benevolent healers. They help us remember that life is a fleeting state, and that we shouldn't take it so seriously.

I dedicate this float to all of our ancestors. I'll see you soon on the other side.

-- Tatyana Meshcheryakova

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Anonymous said...

This is great .Art happens. This is why Bywater as voted the most intrusting neibhorhood in America by M T V.
Ms Pearl kamp Katrina