Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some Retro Thoughts from Co-Founder Czarzasty

I recently found Alan Czarzasty's response to the original 'tit Rex exploratory questionairre. For those of you who don't know Alan: along with Todd Schrenk, he was the other guy Really into the idea of 'tit Rex on the night of its inception. Unfortunately he is no longer on this plane of earthly existence. i hope they get blogs in the ether!

[Reproduced in its entirety. Alan in italics]

'tit Rex Startup Primer
Should 'tit Rex be a guerilla organization?
yes. This year.
Should 'tit Rex seek official status?


What day/night should the parade roll?
Barkus sunday (cree's sale...we could use it to get some publicity and a built in audience of people that would get it.maybe) Run the Friendly bar to Golden Lantern. pass cafe brazil and r bar. If the time it right we can catch the people leaving barkus.
What route should the parade take?
Uptown -a waste of electricity
Krewe de Vieux- hmmm crushed in front of apple barrel
mid-city route...right behind the hamheads on trikes
see question above

What should be the theme for 2008?
"The Little Difficult"
Will there be throws?
yes, normal and tiny
Normal throws would be easier to procure
tiny throws will be special.
Build the floats over toys that shoot things.

How many floats should the parade have?
It would depend on how many people we could round up, but as many as we can.
Should we have miniature bands, "saddle krewes," flambeaux, dance teams, "walking krewes," etc.?

tiny dancer..isn't that a song?
yes. the technology exists. virational football field action.
music boxes?
i agree
we should remain realistic , but we could we have "kooks on bikes" - jesus statues riding remote motorcycles

How shall we expand membership?
sounds good to me
can we call the newcomers newbies for a while?

What should be our membership fee?
$50-100 then we work on a reality show or documentary. Don't whore ourselves out. just show the world what is really up in the minds of the few.

Have I omitted any other important startup questions?
Lastly, although I believe it is generally agreed that the name of the World's First Microkrewe is 'tit Rex (thank you, Todd), of late the actual form of "'tit" has been called into question. That is to say, Tatyana claims that the real Cajun form of the abridged "petit" is either "ti" or "tee."
Can anyone either confirm or refute this challenge?

i can't challenge that but no one will take us seriosly with the word "tit" in the name. The showing of tits for beads has ruined that word in this town no matter what language.
As you may have gathered, getting some of these questions set is crucial to moving forward with the projects suggested by other questions. Here is where I shall include my last question, for in the future I would like to end this document with the answer to
What shall be our krewe motto?

It's the little things that matter.


chris said...

Jeremy, thanks for sharing. There's much wisdom in the retro thoughts of Czarzasty.

He's the one founder of the mighty, mini krewe of 'tit (tee) Rex that I never met.

I'd be happy to make the aforementioned tv show/documentary at some enough for a solid teaser from this year's parade.

All Hail 'tit Rex.


Anonymous said...

First off, what a great post!
second, I love "it's the little things that matter" as our motto. also really like the idea of making a documentary. of course, we'll have to be better about documenting next year then...
as for 'tit vs. ti or tee, I'm not sure, in town Tee is short for auntee as in Tee-Eva, or that's what I always assumed, actually now i don't know, it could very well be Tee for petit or Little Eva, I'm not sure. anyone? I do agree about tit being ruined by girls gone wild bullshit though...

micha michelle said...

great post jeremy. good hear more of the 'titREX origins + a bit more about alan.

... but in terms of the name change, y'all should of thought of that before i made up all those sashes dude. as far as i'm concerned our name is set in stone + the branding has already begun. i realize i'm just one vote here, but that's my 2cents.

besides, i always thought y'all decided on the 'tit spelling to be a bit risque +/or slightly offensive, in punk rock sort of way. i don't know, i always assumed there was some sort of reason for the spelling.

t-nug said...

Thanks for this, Jeremy.

I think Micha is right, "tit" was selected in part for the naughty factor. Alan was correct - the name has, in some ways, kept of out of the "mainstream", but maybe that's how we want it.

Also, I believe "Pro Bono Minimus" is the official motto, but we should have "it's the little things" or "the little difficult" as future parade themes.


Jeremy Yuslum said...


I didn't mean to suggest any changes to the way things are now - I LOVE the name as it is! Posted just to reminisce about Alan, really. Apologies if the post was confusing.


MosquitoKiller said...

Thanks Alan. In the future I definitly plan to work him into a float somehow. I have a mini-Kong waiting....