Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rain Day Alert

To all fans of Field Day:

There seems a high probability that we will be unable to host an outdoor event tomorrow due to inclement weather, so this morning we will make a game day decision regarding the locale. If that is the case, we will reconvene at the Lost Love Lounge at a slightly late time - 1pm. We will modify what events we have to accommodate the new setting, so there will still be excellent awards (and glory) to win, in addition to Giannio's mouth-watering gourmet sack lunches - mini muffalettas, gourmet potato salad, and slaw orient, in addition to some trademarked Giannio sweets! And, the mini pie-eating contest will still be on, of course.

In the fortunate event we do have good weather, the games are as follows:

.2K Race
Objective – Be the first to cross the finish line

1. Arguably the most straightforward of the events: The first one across the finish line wins. .2K= 200 meters for the metrically challenged.

Doubloon Discus

1. Participants stand at the line, consecutively throw their doubloon, ancient Greek discus style, as far as they can.

4-Legged Race

1. Participants stand side-by-side - put leg closest to each other, tying the inner legs of a pair of players. The legs must be tied into 2 or 3 different locations to make the bond stronger.
2. Together, they race to the finish line. Participants are not disqualified if they fall.
3. The first team to the finish line wins.

Quail Egg Toss
Objective – Be the last team with an intact egg

1. Participants pair off into teams, stand across from one another at the following distances, starting at 5:

75’ etc

2. At each interval the egg is tossed ONCE between the participants. Egg breakage results in disqualification. A missed catch with intact egg may retry the interval twice before disqualification (for a total of 3 attempts).

Mini-Pie Eating Contest
1. Nothing can be spit out in order to make room for more pie in the mouth — doing so should result in a disqualification.
2. Any style of eating is allowed as long as the pie is consumed, though, any competitor who, prior to the declaration of a winner suffers urges contrary to swallowing is immediately disqualified. Meaning, if you regurgitate or spit up you will be disqualified.
3. The winner will be the person who consumes the most pies in 60 seconds.


Sad-Sack Race
1. Players must remain in the bags at all times and hop to the finish line while keeping their feet and legs in the bags.
2. Contestants must keep both feet in sack and at least one hand on the sack at all times.
3. The sack must remain as close to the waist as possible and should not fall below the knees.

Mardi Gras Bead Carry
Objective - With one hand behind their back, participants race to the finishing line, trying not to drop their beads

1. If your bead falls to the ground, you are allowed to pick it up and go back to the start line to begin again (while the rest of the race goes on)
2. Spoon must be held in mouth, no hands!
3. The first one across the finish line wins.

Don’t focus much on the running but more on the balancing of the bead. There’s a saying “haste makes waste,” and it applies to this game. Make sure you don’t drop the bead until you reach your base.

Obstacle Course
Objective – Be the first to cross the line with the most tasks successfully completed.

1. Contestants are given a small basket before start of the race.
2. The race starts off with a 20-yard dash to the first table, where there are sufficient sharpies for each contestant to write their first AND last name on dried red beans. The station cannot be left until this task is completed.
3. Another dash to the next station, which has sufficient needle and thread for each contestant to thread. The station cannot be left until this task is completed.
4. Two columns of tires to run through, classic obstacle course style, to the next station.
5. There will be dolls waiting at this station. The contestants must apply make-up to the dolls faces before moving on. The minimum effort accepted is: lipstick, eyeliner, rouge. Style points will be awarded at the referee’s discretion as a tiebreaker.
6. Made-up doll will then be placed in the basket, which will then be hooked to a pulley and ‘swing-lined’ across a baby pool. Note that successfully crossing the water barrier is not required to continue as long as an adequate attempt is made, i.e., contestants will not be disqualified if their basket falls in the water. However, a water-smeared doll may count against a contestant in the final analysis.
7. Dash to the final station: a table with sufficient sunglasses for each contestant. Each sunglass will have one arm removed. The contestant must fix the sunglasses with an eyeglass screwdriver and screw. Once the sunglasses are fixed, the contestant must place the sunglasses on and wear them in the final dash across the finish line.
8. Winners will be determined by time AND task. That is, the first to cross the line with the most tasks completed will be the winner, etc. If tasks are equally completed, time will determine winner; if time is equal, tasks completed will determine winner. The referee is the sole and subjective arbiter of completion. In the case, of the doll, aesthetic considerations may apply. IF AT ANY POINT during the obstacle course a previously completed task becomes undone, it will count as an uncompleted task, unless the contestant recompletes the task (rethreading needle, etc.)

Indoor events may include, but not limited to:
Marshmallow Race
Obstacle Course Modified to mini-challenge
Mardi Gras Bead Carry
Mini Pie Eating contest
Uncomfortably Close Balloon Pass

Again, we will keep you updated on the change sometime in the morning.

Pro Bono Minimis,

Your 2010 President,

jeremy yuslum

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