Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rəsolution to le Petit Printemps, Enfin?

If you haven't heard, we've changed our name to Krewe of 'tit Rəx!

Mommy's all right, Rex is all right, they just seem a little weird......

We're also having a little schwaree, or route crawl, this Friday the 13th, nothing fancy, just reconnecting with old and new friends and supporting some of our favorite Bywater/Marigny hangs, including the Lost Love Lounge and the Allways Lounge. Top the evening off at the Allways with the stupefyingly talented Clint Maedgen and Helen Gillet.

Here's to the no-huddle phase of Carnival!!

Update! across the street from Allways is also a Plan B benefit at the Hi Ho Lounge.

See you tonight! You can follow our progress on twitter, or just find us the old fashioned-way -- we'll start at ByWater BarBQ, then to Lost love Lounge, Cutter's, Mimi's, and the Allways lounge.

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